Coming to Peace

Price Upon Request · Depends on Group size · Generally In Person

Price Upon Request

Depends on Group size

Coming to Peace is a conflict resolution process that works well for families, corporate teams, or any group that find themselves in conflict. Each session provides space for individuals to listen and understand each other's experiences without interruption or judgment, as the practitioner holds the space for all perspectives to emerge.  

Sessions encourage conscious listening and peaceful resolution to move the group forward. This process is built on the principles of radical responsibility, cultivation of inner wisdom, compassion, honesty, and equality—giving each person space to air their points of view. Sessions will continue until the group comes to a peaceful resolution.

What it can address

team conflicts

Family conflicts

Inability to Interact and connect

Differing perspectives

group decision making

creating New patterns of engaging

stressful Interactions

Creating new habits

Session Details

Individuals and Practitioner will sit in a circle.

Practitioner leads a session to connect everyone to inner wisdom and guidance.

Everyone states their intention for being in the circle. Individuals will speak one at a time. No crosstalk allowed.

The group will work towards shared agreements on how to move forward in productive ways.



Groups are guided to understand each persons’ position in the conflict and are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their own contribution.


All individuals will be treated equally and given space to voice their perspectives in the conflict.


Participants will be guided to connect with their inner wisdom and will be asked to connect with this guidance during sessions.


Groups work through conflicts and disagreements until there is mutual understanding and asked to create operating agreements in order to move forward in a peaceful way.


Vinitha is a powerful force in the world.

— Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. · Creator of Depth Hypnosis

With Vinitha's relaxed, soothing and non-judgemental approach I found myself traveling to places within myself that I never knew existed.

— Talent Manager

This session was like 30 years of therapy in 1 hour and 15 min.

— Financial Consultant

I always gain a tool when I'm with Vinitha.

— Chef and Artist

I feel like a changed person. I feel like I am enough. Thank you.

— Technologist

I would recommend working with Vinitha to anyone interested in healing and troublesome memories and how they affect you as an adult. Her healing processes are powerful, gentle and loving.

— Entrepreneur

Vinitha's clarity of observation is stunning, like encountering a sunset stunning.

— Physical Trainer