Shamanic Counseling

Good for Adults, Teens & children

Shamanic counseling brings ancient practices to the modern experience and empowers clients to develop a shamanic skill set. Clients will learn to journey and connect with an internal guide. Drumming is used to create a light trance-like state in order to allow you to go beyond your conscious mind and enter into broadened states of consciousness. This altered state will allow you to access information, wisdom, and healing that may have seemed inaccessible.

Clients will reconnect to a sense of awe and wonder within themselves as they cultivate a strong internal connection. This methodology can help people get unstuck and develop a deeper understanding in a visceral way.


My role is to hold your development with these unseen powers, help you develop areas of inquiry, and assist you in integrating your journeys. You will be able to investigate not only your own psyche but your relationships, family dynamics, work issues that may be causing personal strife, get clarity on business decisions or just get a deeper understanding of how to align with your purpose. Shamanic counseling gives you access to what you might have intuition around but can't fully grasp in day to day life.


This modality is great for leaders, individuals, and teens. Modified versions can be used with children to gain insights and concrete tools to move forward.

What it can address

grief & loss

Chronic Pain




Sexual abuse

Chronic Disease

Decreasing Cognitive & Emotional Reactivity

Race and Gender Based Stress

abandonment Issues

spiritual emergencies

creative obstacles

Plant medicine Integration

Understanding lineage lines


Confusion about one's path

Session Details

Session 1

Intake + First Journey

75 minutes

The first session we choose an area of focus that you would like to work on. You will be given a brief overview of working in an altered state during the shamanic journey. Clients will be taught how to journey in order to connect with a guide, and we will discuss the symbolic language of the initial journey. The client will be asked to notice their dreams in between sessions.

Session 2

Strengthening Inner Guidance

60 minutes

Clients will bring in any insights or dreams since the last session. If none happen that is fine. We will then develop the first question to be the focus of inquiry for the first journey. The client will then journey and enter into an altered state during the session and gather a deepen your understanding of an issue.

Session 3

Establishing a Practice

60 minutes

Each session builds upon each other as the client deepens their discovery of information around an issue. We will continuously work on integration, discovery, tools needed, and healings to help you move forward. When there is relief of the issue we will then move on to another focus.


Learning to journey

Clients are taught how to enter an altered state through sound. Journeys use similar language to dreams. They are often symbolic in nature.

Connection with Inner Guidance

Clients will be taught to journey to connect to an internal guide during the sessions.


We will work together to create journey questions to explore a specific issue or area that you would like to know more about. These journeys will be done within the session.

Work between Sessions

Clients are encouraged to journal about their issues and ask questions before sleeping to continue to the work while dreaming. Experienced clients are encouraged to journey in between sessions.

Preparing for your session

Please do not use alcohol or cannabis 24–48 hours before your session.

It’s a good idea to have your sessions in a place where you have privacy.

Often clients lay down and cover their eyes during their sessions. If you’d like to sit in a chair that’s fine as well.

It’s a good idea to have water that is covered or kept in a container next to you.

Setting up your space

Turn on your mic and place it nearby. Video is helpful but not required. Headphones are strongly encouraged.

Given the level of subtle energies we will be working with, a cleared space is encouraged.

To clear your space, try burning sage, palo santo, sweet grass, copal, or other cleansing herbs.

Try opening a window. If you don't have a window, a fan can help. The fresh or moving air will help keep the environment clear for subtle energy work.


Vinitha is a powerful force in the world.

— Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. · Creator of Depth Hypnosis

With Vinitha's relaxed, soothing and non-judgemental approach I found myself traveling to places within myself that I never knew existed.

— Talent Manager

This session was like 30 years of therapy in 1 hour and 15 min.

— Financial Consultant

I always gain a tool when I'm with Vinitha.

— Chef and Artist

I feel like a changed person. I feel like I am enough. Thank you.

— Technologist

I would recommend working with Vinitha to anyone interested in healing and troublesome memories and how they affect you as an adult. Her healing processes are powerful, gentle and loving.

— Entrepreneur

Vinitha's clarity of observation is stunning, like encountering a sunset stunning.

— Physical Trainer